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(Screenprint/Painting on paper 300 x 420 mm)

That’s me. Standing on top of that hill. Throwing my arms up in the air.Punching those dark clouds in their stupid little faces. Letting them know that I was always going to make it. No matter how much they’ve darkened my horizon. Fuck yeah. That’s me up there. Knowing that I made it.

That’s me. Looking down that hill. Facing a dark valley. Where I’ll soon be again. Beating myself up again. Down in a dodgy alley. Caged in by those massive walls. Covering up my horizon. Brick by brick. Oh yeah. That’ll be me down there again. Knowing that I gotta make it.

That’s me. Walking down that hill. Into the dark. Rolling up my sleeves. Clenching my fists.
This time I’m excited to get to those walls. This time I’ve got that beautiful picture in my head. That great hill I saw behind the dark valley.
Hell yeah. That’s me now. Knowing that I’m going to make it again.